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12 novembre 2011

Velvet Zucchinis Soup --> So Good !

Again it is a recipe with Vegetables and "Boursin" : I'm irredeemable :-)At the beginning, my mother found this recipe to finish the zucchinis of my " Zucchini & Salmon Maki " ! But It was just so Tasty !! Yesterday, I've redid this soup with the zucchinis (the Black Radish's Friends) which were in my "BIO Bag"; and it was still so good ! :D To be taken with out moderation ! For 2 Persons : - 2 Zucchinis - 1 Spoon of Onion Dehydrated (or 1 Fresh Onion) - 2 Spoon of Olive Oil - 50 Ounces of Water - 1 Cub of... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2011

Black Radish Veloute with Tonka Bean -- Velouté de Radis Noir à la Fève de Tonka

When I put out this "thing" of my BIO bag, in the dark, I thought it was an rotten Zucchini but then I understood that it was not :D Then I thought It was a Parsnip , but I remember that the parsnip is beige and, this thing was Black !  ?!I searched on the net and I found it was a Black Radish --> I had never eaten this vegetable before so i didn't know how to cook it. I found a veloute recipe : Why not ?! It was good but just in little quantity because too much it's little... [Lire la suite]
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10 novembre 2011

Cream-Cheese Broccoli Mashed Potatoes - Ecrasé de Pomme de Terres, Brocolis & Boursin

I love mashed vegetables so when I saw this recipe in the French Blog " Le Plaisir des Mets" I knew directly that it was a recipe for me ! :D It is an easy recipe and it is very good (even for the people who don't like vegetables) !! But like my " Nuts Mashed Broccoli ", I don't know how to present this dish so I find that it looks like a " Bouillasse " because I didn't want to get out my piping bag to make a beautiful presentation ... For 2 Peoples ( For Main Course ) : - Two Medium... [Lire la suite]
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